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Hi! I'm Shannon

If  I'm not in the kitchen you can probably find me in the garden. As a  grow-your-own-adventure type cook I am always creating recipes from what  I harvest. I am definitely a culinary horticulturist (a food nerd). I  was educated the old fashioned way and by that I mean my Gram taught me  the basics while loading me up on good hearty recipes from her secret  stash. I pull from these more often than not and tweak them as needed to  create magic of my own. My heritage is filled with home grown American recipes but I also have a deep admiration for the foods I’ve enjoyed  traveling abroad. I am lucky to have spent time in Paris and Tokyo among  other adventures and the flavors I fell in love with along the way have  stayed with my cooking tool kit. My food ranges from crisp clean and  light to rich full bodied comfort food.  I work with local farmers I am  proud to call friends to bring you the best each season has to offer. I  especially like to introduce a familiar ingredient in new and different  ways. It keeps traditional recipes exciting. 

I have been a competitor on Food Network, a regular on Portland Today with a super fun food segment and currently I make an appearance on KGW with Cassidy Quinn serving up recipe creations. I may also be a familiar face if you learning about growing your own foods at Farmington Gardens.

Food is my love language and the most universal in my opinion. I am always excited to meet others that feel the same.

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